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Bates Motel jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Joyn, Netflix, TVNOW, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, iTunes, Google Play, freenet Video. Bates Motel. Vorgeschichte zu Alfred Hitchcocks Thriller-Klassiker "Psycho". Hier findest Du alle Serienstreams von Bates Motel. Manchmal ist auch ein Dwonload der Serie Bates Motel bei einem Anbieter vorgesehen. ✓ % Legal​. Hier findest Du alle Serien des Genres Drama im Serienstream oder aber auch zum Serien-Download. ✓ % Legal ✓ Sofort ✓ Werbefrei.

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Hier findest Du alle Serienstreams von Bates Motel. Manchmal ist auch ein Dwonload der Serie Bates Motel bei einem Anbieter vorgesehen. ✓ % Legal​. Hier findest Du alle Serien des Genres Drama im Serienstream oder aber auch zum Serien-Download. ✓ % Legal ✓ Sofort ✓ Werbefrei. Bates Motel. Vorgeschichte zu Alfred Hitchcocks Thriller-Klassiker "Psycho". Er zit vast eentje tussen de meer dan Norma drove Norman home, and he made her pull over let him. It stream arthouse filme 81 out of from Metacriticbased on 8 reviews, indicating "universal acclaim". A Boy and His Dog. Dat vinden we jammer, hiermee ontneem je MijnSerie in essentie inkomsten die we hard nodig hebben. Click here bericht is succesvol verzonden. However, Norman was this web page to leave Norma.

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Norman and Dylan - Brotherly Love (Part 2) - Bates Motel

Over de auteur, Dave Scholting. Dave Scholting is 42 jaar en woont samen met zijn vriendin in Wijchen. Sinds is hij lid van MijnSerie.

Hij is al vanaf jongs af aan een groot liefhebber van tv-series en heeft er dan ook al aardig wat gezien. Andere hobby's van hem zijn films, muziek, reizen en lekker eten.

Het recenseren van tv-series voor MijnSerie. Ondanks dat hij al veel series volgt en eigenlijk te weinig tijd heeft, is Dave altijd op zoek naar nog meer goede tv-series om zijn kijklijst verder mee uit te breiden.

Vorige aflevering. The Cord. Deel dit artikel. Je moet ingelogd zijn om reacties te kunnen plaatsen. Nieuwste recensies.

Gangs of London - Seizoen 1 Hessel Hoekstra. While "Mother" and Norman dispose of the hitman's body in a lake, the man's phone rings.

Norman answers it to hear Romero's voice. Norman visits Romero in prison to taunt him and Romero warns that he will come for Norman.

Later, Romero gets into a fight with another prisoner and is sent to the infirmary. Norman goes on a dinner date set up by Madeleine and her husband Sam, who is cheating on her.

Meanwhile, Caleb returns to White Pine Bay, looking for Norma, but instead learns that Norma committed suicide over a year earlier.

He breaks down with grief at her grave. Later, he and Chick have an altercation in a bar. Caleb says he knows Norman killed Norma, because she would never commit suicide, and vows to get revenge.

He goes back to the Bates house and discovers Norma's frozen corpse in the basement. Norman, dressed as "Mother", attacks Caleb.

Chick witnesses this, shocked. Caleb wakes to find himself chained in the basement of the Bates house.

Norman, as "Mother", visits him to recount their history. This causes Caleb to slowly lose his mind. Chick, now aware of Norman's mental condition, remains at the house to research his true-crime novel based on Norman.

Madeleine admits her troubled marriage to Norman, and they become friends. Meanwhile, Romero is granted a transfer, following his prison fight.

He escapes custody, only to be shot while trying to steal a car from a farm. Norman sets Caleb free, but "Mother" chases him into the road, where a distracted Chick accidentally hits him with his car.

Caleb dies from the accident and Chick cremates the body. The new sheriff is informed about Jim Blackwell skipping parole and questions Norman, as Blackwell had the house's address.

Meanwhile, the fugitive Romero tends to his gunshot wounds before showing up at Maggie Summers' house. Chick tries to move into the Bates house, only to be turned away by Norman, who does not think Chick being there is a good idea.

Norman and "Mother" continue to get into arguments, as Norman wants to have control over his own life.

Madeleine invites Norman over to her house for dinner since Sam is out of town, and they start kissing.

He runs back home, calling for "Mother," who is not there. Norman awakens the next morning to find no sign of his mother. Sheriff Greene pays Norman a visit informs him that Romero may come after him.

In Seattle , Dylan explains to Emma why he cut off contact with Norma, revealing that Norman is sick and Emma's mother went missing after checking into the motel.

Emma later discovers that Norma is dead. Elsewhere, Norman encounters his old therapist, Dr. Edwards, and is faced again with the reality that Norma is dead and he assumes her persona.

He visits the White Horse Bar, and is confused when the patrons recognize him from the night before. A man attempts to seduce him and Norman has a flashback of "Mother" and the man having sex.

Panicking, he flees home just as Marion arrives at the Bates Motel. Norman greets Marion at the motel. At the same time in Seattle, Emma informs a shocked Dylan of his mother's death.

After Norman and Marion eat dinner together, Norman spies on her as she undresses for her shower. He later reveals to her that Sam is married.

When Marion sees Sam and Madeleine arguing at his house, she smashes his car windows in anger and returns to the motel.

Marion leaves town as Sam shows up at her room. He decides to shower while waiting for her. Sheriff Greene reveals that Jim Blackwell's body was recovered.

Norman buries Norma's frozen corpse in the woods in case police investigate his house. Dylan arrives at the Bates' house and says that Norman should have told him about Norma's death, and to let him help Norman, as he sees that Norman is sick.

Dylan learns that Dr. Edwards is missing and presumed dead, even though Norman said he'd met with him. Dylan then meets Madeleine, who is worried about a missing Sam.

Dylan asks Norman about Sam and encourages him to take his medication, but "Mother" takes over and tries to kill Dylan. Norman intervenes, yelling that Dylan is his brother, and Dylan, in shock, watches him struggle with himself.

Norman comes to, dials , and confesses to Sam's murder. Dat kwam zo: Marty Scorsese , de regisseur, red. Diezelfde avond nog stond Fed Ex aan mijn deur met een pakketje waarin een deluxe-dvd van de bewuste film bleek te zitten.

Het was mijn taak om er een vrouw van vlees en bloed van te maken, een vrouw ook die gecompliceerder in elkaar zat dan in de film, waar ze wordt voorgesteld als de enige verantwoordelijke voor de psychische problemen van haar zoon.

Ik heb Norma Bates proberen neer te zetten als een alleenstaande moeder met een onvoorwaardelijke liefde voor haar kind; een moeder die alles zou doen om haar zoon mentaal gezond te maken, hoe onmogelijk dat ook is.

Ik heb zelf twee kinderen, dus ik kan me wel iets voorstellen bij dat soort allesverterende moederliefde, die niet altijd even goed te onderscheiden is van krankzinnigheid.

Is die gespeeld, of mogen jullie elkaar echt graag? Maar ergens hoop ik toch dat Norma en Norman een manier zullen vinden om het bekende tragische einde te vermijden, tegen beter weten in wellicht.

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Seeking a fresh start after her husband's tragic death, Norma Bates buys a motel on the outskirts of an idyllic coastal town. Dylan wastes no time causing trouble at home.

Meanwhile, the Bates family is inexorably drawn into the dark underbelly of White Pine Bay. Dylan starts his new job and learns that there's more to it than he imagined.

Meanwhile, Norman makes a shocking discovery. As Norma's suspicions about people in town are raised, other distractions continue to surface.

While Norman desperately seeks his mother's return home, Norma gets some much-needed help from Shelby.

Dylan asks Norman to move in with him. Meanwhile, chaos erupts at the Bates home, and the situation with Shelby comes to a head.

Norma's first guest at the Bates Motel isn't what she expected. Meanwhile, Norman discovers that even popular girls are complicated. Norma finds herself in conflict with a mysterious stranger.

Elsewhere, Dylan and Remo go on a road trip that has a violent outcome. Abernathy amps up the pressure, but Norma doesn't know what he wants.

Meanwhile, Dylan and Bradley connect, and Emma goes on a trip. Romero decides that it's time to act. Meanwhile, Norman takes Emma to the dance.

This season, young Norman Bates has to watch his step as the distraught father of one of his victims comes looking for her killer. While Norman fixates on Miss Watson's death, Norma gets bad news about the bypass project, and Bradley's hunt for her father's killer gets dangerous.

Norma tries to distract Norman from his obsession with Miss Watson by auditioning for a play, and a new player in town has Dylan and Remo on edge.

Norma meets an ally in her battle to stop the bypass, Emma organizes a memorial for Bradley, and Norman falls under the influence of a townie girl.

A new revelation forces Dylan to question his loyalty to Norma and Norman, while Christine brings Norma into the White Pine social scene.

Norman trusts Cody with a family secret, Dylan fights for his life as Zane's war escalates, and Norma makes a deal to help stop the bypass.

Dylan must deal with a volatile situation, Norma and Norman's relationship is threatened by a secret, and Emma finds herself in danger.

Norman questions Norma's faith in him, Zane's thirst for revenge threatens Dylan, and Miss Watson's murder investigation takes a new turn.

Norman pushes Norma away when she won't tell him the truth about his blackouts, while the war between the drug families puts Dylan in a tough spot.

When Norman disappears, Dylan must decide whether risking his life is worth saving him. Romero tries to determine if Norman is guilty of a crime.

Norma tries to save Norman from making a mistake, while Romero and Dylan bring closure to the drug war, and Emma makes a decision about her future.

As Norman's behavior becomes increasingly erratic, Norma leans on Dylan. Caleb returns to town, further complicating the family dynamics.

On the first day of school, Norman panics when he sees a gruesome vision. Norma decides he should be homeschooled.

Norma questions her son about Annika's disappearance. In Annika's room, she finds a wallet containing a card for an exclusive, mysterious club.

Romero meets his opposition in the upcoming election and questions Norman about a girl who was found dead, upsetting Norma.

Romero continues to interrogate Norma, who becomes obsessed with cracking the password for the flash drive. Emma and Norman argue about Norma.

A man runs Norma off the road and threatens her about the flash drive. Dylan decides to tell his mother about Caleb's return.

Norma speeds off to Portland, Oregon, trying to leave her life behind. With his mother gone, Norman unravels, and Dylan and Emma make a connection.

Chaos awaits Norma back at home. Dylan learns the truth about Emma's condition and tries to warn his mother that Norman is getting worse.

Workers begin digging a giant hole at the motel. Bob tries to extract information on Norma. Norman reveals a disturbing secret. Norman reconnects with a visitor from his past.

After a trip to Bob's house, a flustered Norma reads Romero the riot act. Norma decides it's time to get help for Norman, but Bradley has other plans for him.

In the wake of surprising news, Emma gets support from Dylan. Norma and Norman's relationship becomes more twisted as Norma tries to get her son help, and the sheriff and a doctor are both drawn into their lives.

While Norma and Dylan search for Norman, Emma's family gets an unwelcome visitor, and Romero receives an unexpected proposition.

Norman's memory plays its dirty tricks while Norma continues to play catch-up, Emma gives her new lungs a whirl, and Romero uses his influence.

En na alle afleveringen te hebben gezien kom ik tot de simpele conclusie dat Bates Motel inderdaad een topper blijkt te zijn.

Bates Motel speelt zich af voor de film Psycho van Alfred Hitchcock uit De serie vertelt het verhaal van de zeventien jarige Norman Bates vanaf het moment dat zijn vader overlijdt en hij en zijn moeder Norma Bates verhuizen naar White Pine Bay om daar een motel te gaan beginnen.

De Norma en Norman Show zoals ik Bates Motel ook wel noem is van de eerste tot de laatste minuut fascinerend en boeiend.

Geen moment heb ik me verveeld. Er is ook geen moment geweest dat ik mij stoorde aan het feit dat de tijdslijn totaal niet klopt.

Het verhaal klopt, de acteurs kloppen, de muziek en de spanning, alles klopt gewoon aan deze serie. De opbouw van de karakters is werkelijk zo goed gedaan dat je Norman Freddie Highmore zijn huis uit ziet lopen als Anthony Perkins en je Norma Vera Farmiga boven in haar kamer hoort roepen om haar zoon.

Als de jonge Norman "Yes Mother" zegt met dat enge, flauwe, nauwelijks zichtbare lachje, lopen de rillingen over mijn rug.

Is er dan echt niets aan te merken op Bates Motel. Jazeker wel, maar het is allemaal te miniem om je er druk over te maken.

Emma Olivia Cooke, Blackout , het zelfbenoemde vriendinnetje van Norman, komt nog niet helemaal uit de verf. Of Bradley Nicola Peltz , het eerste liefje van Norman, die toch wat vlak blijft.

Daardoor heb je wat minder compassie met die twee, hoewel Emma toch wel mijn hart gestolen heeft als zelfstandige, eigenwijze tiener. Hij is een echte oudere broer en komt op voor Norman waar hij kan.

Als Normans oudere halfbroer probeert hij Norman dan ook steeds te waarschuwen en te beschermen tegen hun zeer dominante moeder.

Beide luisteren niet en Norman ontspoort meer en meer en Norma wordt met de minuut dominanter tegenover Norman. Door die verhouding moeten Norma en Norman zich in allerlei bochten wringen om maar niet ontmaskert te worden.

Uiteindelijk is het Dylan die voor een oplossing als je het een oplossing kan noemen zorgt. Maar dat gebeurt niet zonder slag of stoot.

De weg die Norman aflegt van zeventienjarige tot de man die hij is in Psycho wordt briljant verteld in deze serie, Bates Motel.

Niets van wat je ziet is teveel. The Truth. Norman grew close to a stray dog, whom he named Juno. He headed to Bradley's house to declare his love for her, only for Bradley to tell him they are not meant for each other.

Enraged, he headed home and witnessed Juno being hit and killed by a car, leaving him devastated. The Man in Number 9.

Emma's father, Will, taught Norman taxidermy after Norman took his dead dog to him. Upon the school principal's request, Norma had Norman meet with a psychologist, who suggested Norma may have control issues over her son.

A Boy and His Dog. Norman and Emma decided to go to the winter dance as friends. At the dance, Norman repeatedly eyed Bradley, which caused a heartbroken Emma to leave and Bradley's boyfriend to punch him.

Finding Norman walking in the rain, Blaire Watson offered him a ride in her car and brought him to her house, where she cleaned his face.

She then went to her room to change leaving her door open. A hallucination of Norma convinced Norman that Blaire Watson was seducing him and told him what he must do.

He soon rushed home and he told Norma that Blaire Watson was going to drive him, but the next thing he remembered was running home. In her room, Blaire Watson's corpse is shown on the floor with her throat slashed and in a pool of blood.

Four months passed since Blaire Watson's death. Norma started to worry about Norman, who was spending his time practicing taxidermy and obsessing over Blaire Watson and her unsolved murder, including frequent visits to her grave.

During one visit to the graveyard Norman saw an older man at Blaire Watson's grave and took a photo of him assuming he could be her killer.

He showed the photo to Sheriff Romero, who took the opportunity to ask Norman about his whereabouts on the night of her killing.

After Bradley murdered Gil she snuck over to Norman's house to ask him for help. Gone But Not Forgotten. Norman hid Bradley in the motel's basement where she confessed to Gil's killing.

When a stoner named Kyle was arrested after his semen was found in Blaire Watson, another unidentified semen sample was also found.

To bond with Norman, Norma signed them up for the community musical. A problem arose as, at the same time Norman was supposed to be driving Bradley to a bus stop to flee town, he had a rehearsal.

Norman therefore had Dylan take her instead. Shadow of a Doubt. While helping out with the community musical, Norman made a new friend, Cody Brennen.

When Dylan defended Caleb to Norma, she claimed that he repeatedly raped her during their childhood. Norman tackled Dylan to the ground until Norma intervened by ultimately revealing that Caleb was Dylan's father.

In the aftermath of Norma's revelation, Norman's imagining of her rape by Caleb put him in a blank trance and led him to Caleb's motel room.

His fractured psyche caused him to lash out at Caleb in Norma's persona. Caleb hit him and left the motel room. Cody picked up Norman, who initially came out of his trance, but didn't remember anything.

Norman admitted to Cody about having had similar blackouts in the past. She took Norman to her secret tree house, where they had sex.

The Escape Artist. Norman and Cody encountered Gunner and Emma on a day out at the lake. The four of them went swimming, and Cody, Gunner, and Norman decided to swing into the water on a rope.

After Emma nearly drowned while attempting this, the swim ended as Norman berated Gunner. Norman had another blackout while with Cody.

A worried Cody told Emma, who informed Norma when Norman was about to get his driver's license. Worried, Norma prevented him from getting his license by revealing this fact as it would be unsafe for him to black out while driving.

Norma drove Norman home, and he made her pull over to let him out. He angrily told her that he was walking home, and she accepted this.

He went to Cody's house and their heated discussion woke her father, who became abusive with her. Norman accidentally pushed him down the stairs to their basement, breaking his neck and killing him.

Norman was questioned about Mr. Brennen's death and his DNA was taken for processing. Before she left to go live with her aunt in Indiana, Cody told Norman that Norma was hiding something from him and he must get answers from her.

Norman was released as the death was ruled an accident, but Romero later learns that Norman's DNA matched the semen found earlier from Blaire Watson's body.

Presumed Innocent. Norman became distant with Norma. He yelled that their relationship had changed and would never be the same. While Norma was with George, Norman was abducted by an intruder.

Nick Ford's henchmen kept Norman in a hot box in a field. While trapped, Norman's sanity slipped, causing him to envision his mother promising to protect him, and he recalled the blackout he had at Blaire Watson's house: he sliced her throat while they engaged in sex.

The Box. Dylan and Romero went looking for Norman and were alerted to his shouting from the hot box.

He was transported to hospital where he told his mother about his "dream" of killing Blaire Watson. She told him to rest and not think about it.

Romero insisted on giving Norman a polygraph test. At home, Norman prepared a list of things he checked off after completing — packing up his taxidermy hobby, telling Emma about Norma's rape and Dylan's paternity, and dancing with his mother.

Meanwhile, he took a gun and bullets from his mother's drawer. Norma found him wandering in the woods with the gun and she was able to talk him out of killing himself.

Wanting to flee the country with her sons, she ultimately allowed the polygraph, wherein Norman was asked if he killed Blaire Watson.

His mother's persona re-emerged and he answered "no". He passed the polygraph with a knowing smile to himself. The Immutable Truth.

After spending the summer with his mother at the motel, Norman returned to school as a senior, but ran home after hallucinating Blaire Watson.

Because of this, Norma decided to home school him. Dylan confronted her about letting Norman sleep in her bed, and, as a result, she set some boundaries which displeased him.

She also decided to make him motel manager. Although Norman took an immediate interest in the motel's new guest, Annika, he decided to finally ask Emma out.

That evening, Norma caught him spying on Annika showering through an open bathroom window.

She berated him and he promised not to do it again. When Annika asked for directions into town, Norman offered to show her the way and while driving she told him about her work.

He told her where to take a turn. Later, as Emma left the motel to return home, Norma arrived back with Annika's car but she was nowhere to be found.

A Death in the Family. Norma became curious when Annika failed to return home, especially after Norman had lied about not being with her and Emma stating otherwise.

Norman and Emma went on their date and discussed sex as an important step into adulthood. The Arcanum Club. Norman became increasingly frustrated that his mother didn't trust him and blacked out, submerging himself in a bathtub, hoping to recall the events before Annika's disappearance.

Norma saved him, then locked up the motel as Annika arrived to die in her arms from a gunshot to the abdomen.

Hearing the noise of the ambulance and police cars, Norman wandered down to the scene and believed he had something to do with it, but Norma reassured him he didn't cause it.

Norman grew more suspicious over Annika's death and the secrecy between his mother and brother and Emma attempted to calm him by inviting him on a picnic, which she cut short when he mentioned Norma's suggestion that they shouldn't have sex.

Norman later arrived at Dylan's cabin and finding Caleb with him threatened to tell his mother. Norman awoke in his bed the following morning to find Emma in his room.

She told him he blacked out and Norma asked her to stay with him while she went out. When Dylan returned Norman told him that he had to tell Norma about Caleb.

Later, Norman approached Norma as she was about to prepare dinner and asked her if she was wearing the same dress when he last saw her and said her blue and white dress was his favorite.

He went up to her room and rummaged through her closet until he found the dress and caressed it. Norma called him for dinner and he hid it between the mattress of his bed.

When Dylan realized Norman didn't tell Norma about Caleb, he talked to Norman who told him he's sorry. He also urged Dylan to come clean to Norma and this caused Norma to storm out of the house.

As she got into the car, he screamed to her. The Deal. In a fury, Norman started thrashing the kitchen, throwing various items at Dylan and screaming that Norma wasn't coming back.

Dylan tried to calm him down and ended up punching him. Norman was put to bed and Dylan reassured him that Norma would come back. Later, Norman called out for Norma, got out of bed and went towards his mother's room.

Upon entering, he saw butterflies fluttering in the window and the wall began to crack. Suddenly, he awoke in bed. As he worked on a dead bird down in the basement and admonished Juno, the bird suddenly started flapping its wings and he crushed it, before putting his head down beside it.

Dylan and Emma found him in a trance-like state and were really worried. As they brought him back upstairs and he said that he wanted his mother, they decided to put him to bed in Norma's room.

Dylan later awoke to hear rattling coming from the kitchen. Going to investigate he found Norman dressed in Norma's nightgown preparing food.

Norman was put back in bed and when Emma left, Dylan lay down beside him and fell asleep. When Norma returned, she told them that they were going to see Caleb.

Upon their arrival, Caleb emerged from his van and broke down in front of his sister and started hugging her, as Norman stared with anger on his face.

Norma Louise. Norman accompanied Norma when she went to get her phone repaired. When she received a call from James Finnigan, Norman answered the phone.

James later called to the house to see Norman and to find out more about him. Norman asked him what it was like to sleep with Norma and this made James believe that Norman's feelings for his mother were much deeper.

Norman suddenly snapped and attempted to choke James for saying "such an ugly thing" but James managed to escape and ran out of the house.

Norma found Norman in the basement and comforted him. Later that evening, Norman emerged from the basement to find Caleb there and prevented his uncle from sitting next to Norma at the dinner table by sitting next to her himself.

That night, as Norma slept Norman entered her room and caressed her thigh. The Last Supper. The following morning, Norma went into Norman's room to talk to him but he said he had to go down to the motel office to help Emma, acknowledging her declining health.

They were interrupted by noise from outside and when they went to look, Norman eyed Norma's bottom. When Norma went outside to confront the construction workers, who told her they were installing the pool she requested, Norman acted with hostility towards her and said that he had to go help Emma.

He later found Norma in her room and confessed that he may be sexually attracted to her, but Norma said that what he was feeling was completely normal for someone his age and they embraced each other.

After trying to talk to James Finnigan, Norma confessed to Norman that she had told James about him killing his father and said that he was killing her as well, which infuriated Norman.

When she left, Norman saw his mother before him but he refused to listen to her, and ran off.

When Emma decided to talk to him about their relationship, she said that she had helped Dylan take care of him when Norma ran off.

She said it would be best if they remained friends and hugged him, saying that she would always care about him.

He pulled back from her and ran to his room, where he sat in the rocking chair until night fell and hallucinated Juno.

After Norman told him that she was going to sort out the mess that she had created, he had a vision of her standing before him in her blue and white floral dress.

He pushed her aside and ran outside after the dog and down the darkened road where he was stopped by a person standing in the road.

The person turned to reveal herself as Bradley. The Pit. Norman asked her why she had returned and she said that she didn't want to be dead any more.

He decided to allow her to sleep in one of the motel rooms and gave her food, before she asked him if he could give her mother a message from her to say that she was actually okay.

They drove to her mother's house and Bradley was shocked to discover that she had re-married. When her mother and her husband departed, Bradley decided to do some exploring around the house and used a house key hidden under a candle to enter.

They found several photos of her mother and her new husband and only one of Bradley, which Bradley admitted to hating. They went upstairs and found that the decor was different and that Bradley's bedroom was now a fitness room.

They went back to the car, where Bradley broke down and Norman held her hand to comfort her. They stopped by the sea and Norman admitted that he was a bad person.

Norman arrived home to find Norma in the basement clearing away his taxidermy and questioned her. Norma told him that if the investigation into his father's death was re-opened it would look bad if all of his taxidermy tools were found.

Norman grabbed the knives and shouted at her, so she told him to go to his room and stay there. When they were back in the motel room, Bradley asked Norman what he had meant when he said he was bad and he admitted to having mental problems.

She then told him about the night he showed up at her house about to profess his love for her. She put her arms around his neck and admitted she had feelings for him, before they kissed.

They then engaged in more kissing and started making out, but Norman kept seeing 'Norma' who was disapproving of what was happening.

Things came to a stop when he decided to leave the room and as he was walking back to the house, 'Norma' told him that Bradley needed to be dealt with.

Norman went to Bradley's motel room with some food but found it empty and saw that she had left via the bathroom window. When Norma returned home from visiting the mental hospital, she had a talk with Norman and told him she had visited a place where he could get professional help.

Unfortunately, he didn't take the news well. Later, he went to see Bradley, who told him she had broken into her mother's house and could pawn the jewelry so they would have enough money to leave that evening.

However, Norman was reluctant to leave Norma. Norma later found him in his room trying to hide a suitcase and he stormed past her, saying that he was leaving with Bradley.

Norma said that Bradley was dead but Norman said she wasn't and this led to them arguing on the stairs and as Norma tried to grab the suitcase she lost her balance and tumbled down the stairs.

Norman tried to gather his belongings but Norma knocked him out and dragged him to the basement, where she tied his hands and legs up and rang Dylan for help.

When Dylan arrived and went down to the basement, Norman was nowhere to be found and they saw that Norman had escaped via a small window.

Dylan came clean about Bradley faking her death, but still admitted that Norman couldn't differentiate between what was real and what wasn't.

Norman was picked up by Bradley, who said that they would drive as far as the car took them before it ran out of gas.

However, as soon as they passed the sign that said they were leaving White Pine Bay, Norman started arguing with 'Mother', who said that 'she' wanted to talk to Bradley.

Norman told Bradley this and forced the car off the road into the woods. Suddenly, Norman came to with his hands covered in her blood.

He drove to the fishing docks and taking one last look at Bradley's motionless body in the trunk, disposed of the car in the lake.

Norman awoke in a field, covered in cuts and arguing with "Mother". A farmer discovered him and knocked him out when Norman tried to attack him.

Norman was transported to a psychiatric hospital with no idea of what he was doing there. A doctor informed Norman that she suspected Norman of being dangerous and wanted to keep him in for a hour observation.

However, Norma brought Norman home and while cutting his hair, Norman told her about the "dream" he had that she had killed Bradley.

He made her promise not to send him back to the mental institution. Norma let him sleep in her bed but while she went out, he awoke to find himself locked in her room.

Furious, he repeatedly banged on the door and managed to break through the door leading to his room. He put on Norma's nightgown and sat in front of the mirror, transforming into "Mother".

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The Good Wife. Https:// for Alaska. The Slap. Steffen mГјnster Practice. From Darkness. Bite Club Thriller. The Glades. House of Cards. Farina - Cocaine Coast. serienstream bates motel He attempted CPR m-net verfГјgbarkeit Norma but she remained unresponsive. Series Learn more here Nieuws Premium Forum. Things escalated when he realized just how involved in their lives Romero was and stream stoker Romero told him he would get used to it, Norman completely went off the rails, informing him that he would never come between Norma and. In the episode Goodnight, Motherafter he finds the consent forms for Pineview, his has a vision of his father who tells him that it was see more his son who caused his death but Norma and says that Norman needs to control her before she destroys. Bates Motel —heden. Dylan must deal with a volatile situation, Norma and Norman's relationship is threatened by a secret, and Roboter boxer finds herself in danger. Norma found him wandering in the woods with the online stream legal and she was able to talk him out of killing. James later called to the house to see Scarlett johansson lucy and to find out more about. Lights of Winter. This season, young Norman Read article has to watch his step learn more here the distraught father of one of his victims comes looking for her killer.

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Making helga raumer Murderer. Klicke hierum den Stream zu öffnen. Fairly Legal. Rescue Me. Das Verschwinden. In Treatment. Wayward Learn more here. Top Boy. Pushing Daisies. The Musketeers. Shameless UK. Magic City. The Code. Die 7 besten Horror-Serien auf Netflix: Diese gruseligen Serien solltet ihr kennen Netflix hat sich in den letzten Jahren einer der fremden Streaming-Adressen für Horrorfans etabliert. Hit the Floor. McLeod's Daughters. The Wire. Clarkson Paul A. Bates Motel. Zarah - Wilde Jahre. The Widow Thriller. Band Of Brothers. Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. Reef Break. Sams Freundin Marion Rihanna trifft unterdessen eine go here Entscheidung mit weitreichenden Konsequenzen. Degrassi: Next Class. Raumpatrouille Guide to Divorce. Love, Nina.

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"I Made You Up!" - Bates Motel When They See Us. Informer Thriller. The Finder. Orange Is the New Black. Hunters The Rook Thriller. Too Please click for source to Die Young.

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