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Olivia `Liv' Moore hatte einen perfekten Lebensplan. Sie wollte ihr Medizinstudium mit Bravour beenden und danach die große Liebe finden. Doch nach einer Studentenparty hat sich ihr Leben schlagartig geändert. Sie kam in die Klauen von Zombies und. Darsteller. Rose McIver – Bild: The CW. Rose McIver: Olivia „Liv“ Moore. (71 Folgen, –) · Robert Buckley – Bild: The CW. August wurde die letzte Folge veröffentlicht. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung​; 2 Besetzung und Synchronisation. iZombie Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli u.v.m. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von iZombie: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

izombie darsteller

Darsteller. Rose McIver – Bild: The CW. Rose McIver: Olivia „Liv“ Moore. (71 Folgen, –) · Robert Buckley – Bild: The CW. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von iZombie: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Darsteller. Clive Babineaux: Malcolm Goodwin; Olivia Moore: Rose McIver; Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti: Rahul Kohli; Major Lillywhite: Robert Buckley; Blaine DeBeers​.

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Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Friction between the two developed in the third season, as Clive interfered with a murder investigation Cavanaugh was leading; as he knew the victims, and unknown to Cavanaugh it appeared to be a hate crime against zombies.

In the fourth season, he is assigned as Bozzio's partner, and reveals to Clive the reason she broke up with him, leading to Clive's proposal.

After purchasing the Max Rager company, it is revealed that Vivian and her employees are zombies. The character was seemingly killed in a helicopter crash midway through the third season.

Her role at Fillmore-Graves is then filled by her brother-in-law, Chase Graves. Savage's abrupt departure from the series was a result of her commitment to I'm Sorry , a series which she both created and stars in.

When asked if there was potential for her to return to the show, given that the no body was found and the character was not seen boarding the helicopter in question, Savage stated; "Sadly, I doubt it.

I know that is not what you wanted to hear. When he comes to the morgue to kill Liv, Ravi fights with him and kills him in self-defense.

Liv and Major consume his brains for a cool disposition when infiltrating Max Rager's SuperMax launch party. Tanner portrayed by Nathan Barrett, recurring seasons 2—4; recurring season 5 : A Utopium dealer who is one of Clive's C.

Though initially a tertiary character, Tanner is a recurring presence in the third season.

It is because of him that Clive is forced to reveal the existence of zombies to Bozzio, as she captured him receiving a shipment of brains.

Jeremy Chu portrayed by Patrick Gallagher , recurring season 2; guest season 3 : A reporter and client of Blaine's. He writes articles at Blaine's behest that result in Baracus assigning Peyton to the Stacey Boss case, and that convince Seattle's then-Mayor to refuse Peyton's resignation.

He makes a brief return in the third season, where Blaine has him turn him back into a zombie after he is shot on his father's order.

Natalie portrayed by Brooke Lyons , guest season 2; recurring season 3 : A call girl who Blaine zombified through sex, she is forced to accept an exclusively zombie clientele to maintain her brain supply.

She strikes up a friendship with Major when he is sent to kill her at the behest of Max Rager, and ends up consciously frozen. Major expects to find and liberate her during the Super Max "Lockdown" party, but does not, and her whereabouts are a mystery.

We later discover that she convinced Janko to sell her to a client by the name of Osborn Oates, who holds her prisoner as a sex slave.

Though she claimed Oates would fine her wherever she went, after Major gives her a dose of the zombie "cure," she travels the world before returning to Seattle.

Reaching out again to him. Despite previously saying she depleted her savings due to Blaine paying her in brains, she claims her savings from her former profession funded her travels, and she invites Major to move to Italy with her.

Major agrees and the two become a couple, but she is inadvertently killed by anti-zombie leader Harley Johns in a suicide bombing.

Her death, along with that of his colleagues, cause Major to become disillusioned, and he voluntarily becomes a zombie once more in order to rejoin Fillmore-Graves.

Kenny portrayed by Bradley Stryker , recurring season 2 : Stacey Boss' right-hand man and enforcer, who holds animosity towards Blaine.

Recalling the latter's attempt at instigating a police crackdown on the Blue Cobra gang, Kenny realizes that Blaine is the one moving in on Mr.

Boss' utopium trade and abducts him from Shady Plots so that Boss can have him executed. When rival Utopium is still distributed in the wake of Blaine's death, Kenny storms Shady Plots and kills Chief before demanding answers.

After learning that Blaine is alive, and in love with Peyton, Kenny kidnaps her on Boss' order to lure him into a final stand-off; in which he himself is killed.

Howard portrayed by Jason Simpson, recurring season 2 : One of Mr. Boss' henchman, usually seem accompanying Kenny.

Howard was killed by Blaine when he was rescuing a hostage Peyton. Lou Benedetto portrayed by Enrico Colantoni , recurring season 2; guest season 4 : A vice cop within the Seattle Police Department, and the officer overseeing Drake's undercover assignment.

It is revealed he was running an unsanctioned informant program case in which he blackmailed his drug busts into endangering themselves in order to provide him with information on the Utopium drug war.

He reappears briefly in the fourth season before being murdered, leading to Liv eating his brain. It is revealed Stone has had past dealings with Peyton, and has asked her out on numerous occasions; to which she consistently declined.

The character returns in the third season, as a suspect along with his client Johnny Frost, and Floyd Baracus in the murder of a dominatrix.

Gabriel portrayed by Yani Gellman , recurring season 2 : A drug dealer turned preacher and an associate of Don E. He is turned by Chief on Blaine's order, so that Ravi can analyze the drug in his research for a cure.

He dies after injecting himself with what he thinks is a cure, and his death leads to the introduction of Drake, who had information in regards to a missing batch of tainted Utopium.

Steph portrayed by Debs Howard, recurring season 2 : Ravi's girlfriend in the beginning of the second season. She is overly excitable, showing enthusiasm for meeting Peyton in addition to throwing Ravi a surprise Guy Fawkes Night party.

Though he intends to break up with her, Ravi drunkenly sleeps with her before doing so the morning after. Though Steph bitterly departs, Ravi occupies himself by attempt to rekindle things with Peyton; something which she initially rebuffs.

Speedy was ordered by Blaine to enlist young men whose finances cut off by their wealthy families; in reality so that said dealers' at the hands of Mr.

Boss' henchman gave Floyd Baracus enough cause to pursue a case against him at Blaine's urging. Once the dealers were killed, Blaine assured Speedy he would protect him, but instead let him be killed as he had outlived his usefulness.

Brody Johnson portrayed by Justin Prentice , recurring season 2 : A college frat-boy whom Liv briefly befriended during a murder investigation.

He returns later in the season as a suspect in another case where he is revealed to have become in charge of his university's student government uncontested in the wake of the victim's death.

Roger Thrunk portrayed by Jerry Trimble , recurring season 2 : A corrupt lawyer who moonlights as a cleaner.

Roger covered up Harry Cole's murder of a bookie's collection thug, during which he himself murdered of a security guard who witnessed him disposing of the body.

Thrunk next appeared as a suspect when Harry himself was killed in the opening minutes of the very next episode. Although Thrunk had no involvement with Harry's murder and was released due to the loss of his testimony, Clive was able to convict him on unrelated drug charges.

Harry Cole portrayed by Ray Galletti, recurring season 2 : A lawyer and gambling addict who killed a bookie's collection thug in self-defense, before hiring Roger Thrunk to dispose of the body.

After Taking s plea deal, Cole was murdered in front of Clive in the opening minutes of the following episode. Ultimately Cole was revealed to have been murdered by hitmen hired by a former friend and basketball player whom he was blackmailing.

Stacy Boss gave Liv input on the investigation, prior to her learning his identity. Telly Levins portrayed by Julian Paul, recurring season 2 : A thug for working for a bookie known as "the Barber", who was murdered by Harry Cole upon trying to collect his debts.

Tim Addis portrayed by Ted Cole , recurring season 2; guest season 3 : One of the zombies kidnapped by Major during his Chaos Killer stint.

Major incidentally discovered Addis was a zombie upon being hired as his personal trainer. Colin Andrews portrayed by Antonio Cayonne, recurring season 2 : A tech executive and zombie who was kidnapped by Major during his Chaos Killer stint.

Andrews asked Major not to harm his dog and to take care of him; which led to the dog named "Minor" by Ravi being adopted by Major and Ravi for the remainder of the season.

Major is forced to abandon Minor on a bus after Clive and Bozzio use the dog's microchip in a bid to track down Andrews' kidnapper, whom they correctly presume to be the Chaos Killer.

After the dog is recovered, Major is identified by a dog groomer, leading to his arrest. Following his release at Max Rager, it is presumed Andrews was reunited with his dog.

Regina Sumner portrayed by Natasha Burnett, recurring season 2 : An ex-girlfriend of Clive who is revealed to be stalking him, and who is murdered the following episode, prompting Liv to eat her brain.

Pam portrayed by Lola St. Vil, recurring season 2 : A petty criminal whom Liv encounters in jail, and later appears as a murder suspect while on parole.

Holloway portrayed by Miriam Flynn , recurring season 2 : Drake's overbearing mother, she grows fond of Liv and is also the one to inform her he was an undercover cop upon his disappearance.

Billy Cook portrayed by Keith Dallas, guest season 2; recurring season 3 : A guard at Max Rager who survives the massacre and recounts his experience on Chuck Burd's radio show.

He eventually joins Harley Johns' anti-zombie group along with Mr. Unlike most of his cohorts; Billy shows a hesitancy to kidnap or harm zombies, simply wishing to make others aware of the threat.

Billy is killed along with Huntsman by Harley after he is turned into a zombie. Rob Thomas portrayed by himself, guest season 2 : Playing a fictional version of himself, Thomas initially has a vocal cameo as he is employed by Vaughn Du Clark to write a song for Max Rager's SuperMax commercial.

He then appears in person in the second-season finale, providing entertainment at the SuperMax launch party, before being killed in the ensuing massacre.

Thomas' brain was consumed by Vivian Stoll and her Fillmore-Graves mercenaries, and it is mentioned in the third-season premiere that his friend and occasional collaborator Carlos Santana issued a public statement in the wake of his death.

Thomas was a fan of the show prior to his appearances, and his inclusion was a reference to the fact he and series creator Rob Thomas are often confused for one another on social media.

Upon Angus' kidnapping it is revealed his estate and all his assets are to be left to her should his death result in foul play.

She returns in the fourth season, when Angus condemns and feeds her to his cult in an effort to make amends with a shocked Blaine.

When Angus is kidnapped by Major and assumed dead, his lawyer arrives at Shady Plots along with Blaine's abusive childhood nanny for a viewing of Angus' video will.

After Don E. Major initially elects not to kidnap Baracus after seeing them together, until the latter is forced to go into hiding after beheading Stacey Boss' nephew.

In the third season, Baracus takes a bullet for his son during a failed assassination attempt, resulting in the boy witnessing his father enter full-on-zombie mode as Liv attempts to calm him.

Justin Bell portrayed by Tongayi Chirisa , recurring season 3; guest seasons 4—5 : A zombie Major befriends during his tenure at Fillmore-Graves.

Turned into a zombie by Vivian Stoll, he was not initially a soldier within, but a disc jockey who was while working at a Fillmore-Graves gathering.

After succumbing to a biological attack, Stoll turned Justin to save his life before offering him a job among her paramilitary group.

He eventually becomes a love interest for Liv, although she eventually cheats on him with Chase Graves. Justin breaks up with her when she admits this to him, and he later alerts Fillmore-Graves soldiers to her presence when she attempts to stop them from infecting humans with a false vaccine.

He returns in the fourth-season finale and makes amends with Liv, joining Major in the reformed Fillmore-Graves.

Harley Johns portrayed by Andrew Caldwell , season 3 : An anti-zombie fanatic who seeks to expose the truth about zombies after his brother was killed at Max Rager.

After hosting anti-zombie gatherings he captures Don E. While Liv and Blaine team up to rescue their friends. Harley escapes after seeing his brothers gunned down by Fillmore-Graves soldiers.

Upon being located by Liv and Clive, Harley himself is revealed to have been made a zombie. After being imprisoned in a freezer, he is freed by Billy Cook and Mr.

Huntsman; incidentally killing them before crashing a Fillmore-Graves gathering where he kills Major's colleagues and love interest Natalie in a suicide bombing.

He also takes lead of their soldiers in the field, as their commanded A. Fortesan was also killed. While she is dating Justin Bell, Liv sleeps with him while under the influence of Ravi's promiscuous former employer, Katty Kupps.

In the aftermath she discovers information implicating him in Katty's murder. It is later revealed that while Vivian Stoll with Fillmore-Graves had a contingency plan in place involving a biological attack, it was Carey Gold along with her daughter Patrice who was behind Kupps' murder and set the plan in motion without Graves' order.

Instead of letting the humans die, Chase instead set about a plan to provide a tainted vaccine that would turn them into zombies. In spite of this he maintains he is not the bad guy, to which Liv retorts that he is holding Seattle hostage for brains from the rest of the country.

The character has been shown to have a short temper, and has a tendency of non-fatally shooting zombies Justin Bell for stealing confiscated Max Rager, and Johnny Frost's producer for refusing to air his follow-up video to Frost's report revealing the revelation of zombies who displease him.

In the fourth season Chase finds himself morally compromised and struggles not to buckle under the pressure of his new position, eventually snapping and killing one of Major's teen soldiers.

By the end of the fourth season, in which he buckled under pressure, Major and Liv kill Chase in the fourth-season finale in an attempt to save the latter from execution.

Rachel Greenblatt portrayed by Ella Cannon, recurring seasons 3—4 : A photojournalist with whom Ravi strikes a friendship while attending one of Harley Johns' "zombie truther" meetings.

Unlike most in attendance, she held no ill will towards zombies and simply wished to capture one on film. After she witnesses Liv and Blaine rescue Don E.

Though at first it seemed the two would be starting a relationship, she published a picture of Liv alongside all the information that Ravi told her.

She later returned to the morgue in an attempt to clear the air between them, but Ravi rejected her; feeling both betrayed and incredulous that she had further questions.

She makes a cameo in the fourth season where she is terrorized by Major in retaliation by Fillmore-Graves in response to her writing an article painting Mama Leone a Martyr.

She was ultimately revealed to be behind the deaths of Vivian Stoll and the zombie family with ties to Clive.

She was killed by Chase Graves during an attempted mutiny at Fillmore-Graves. While she was behind the biological attack that plagued Seattle, the plan was initially formed as a contingency by Vivian Stoll.

Carey simply put the plan into action without Fillmore-Graves order. It was initially believed she was behind the death of Katty Kupps as well, though it was revealed to be her daughter, Patrice.

Before her death, Carey warned Chase that she had more rogue soldiers within Fillmore-Graves.

Like Vivian Stoll, Fortesan is presumed deceased following the same helicopter explosion orchestrated by Carey Gold. His position is then filled by Chase Graves.

The character was intended to have a relation to Vivian Stoll, though this was never confirmed on-screen.

The party is bombed by Harley Johns, and though he loses his legs, Zach survives only to be struck by a truck in the following episode.

Dino initially shot Blaine on Angus' order, but apparently spared him a fatal shot when Blaine offered him more money than his father.

It is noteworthy however; that while Dino spared Blaine a fatal shot, he did not save his life nor is he responsible for Blaine's reversion to zombie form.

Though he claimed to Angus he shot him in the mouth, Dino apparently left him bleeding out; which prompted Blaine to turn to Jeremy Chu to be turned into a zombie once more, so that he would not succumb to his wounds.

Though initially positioned as a hitman under Angus' employ, working to obtain brains for high-end clients, it is unknown if he carries out this role once Blaine takes over the Scratching Post.

It is never mentioned and the character is mostly seen lounging around the bar, unpacking crates of brains, and overseeing their deliveries.

He eventually grows tired of Blaine's orders and frees Angus after being informed of his location. Despite his earlier betrayal, he expects compensation, only to be knocked unconscious for his troubles.

After decapitating Dino, Don E. The two had a one-night stand, contributing to his break-up with Peyton.

She later returns to investigate a potential bio-terror attack, which leads to her eventual murder, seemingly at the hands of Chase Graves.

It is revealed that while the bio-attack was a fail-safe plan Chase had developed, the plan and Kupps' murder were in fact carried out by Carey Gold and her daughter Patrice.

The two briefly become a couple, but Major breaks up with her when he learns she shared private photos and messages on social media, something she claims she did to help the public's perception of him.

She inadvertently leads to him being fired from Fillmore-Graves, as their intimacy revealed Major's human status to Chase Graves.

In the third-season finale, it is revealed that she was turned after joining her friend Patrice at the same Fillmore-Graves party.

Liv also discovers it was actually Carey that blackmailed her late father, as a pawn in a conspiracy to ensure the mayoral appointment of a zombie mayor in the ignorant Baracus.

She and Patrice are taken into custody by Fillmore-Graves for their involvement in Carey's plans, and the attempted murder of Liv.

As the soldiers had their guns trained on the girls, their fates are uncertain; something both actresses have acknowledged while expressing an eagerness to return.

In the season 3 finale, she is ultimately revealed to be the killer of Katty Kupps and is later taken into custody by Fillmore-Graves soldiers alongside Tatum for both being an accomplice to her mother and the attempted murder of Liv.

As the soldiers had their guns trained on the girls, their fates are uncertain especially as her mother was killed by Chase Graves after staging a coup ; something both actresses have acknowledged while expressing an eagerness to return.

Wally became something of a surrogate son to him after he rescued Wally and his mother Anna from their abusive patriarch.

Clive lost contact with the two when he went undercover on a vice assignment, and it is revealed they became zombies after moving in with Wally's Uncle who worked for Fillmore-Graves.

Huntsman portrayed by Peter Kelamis , season 3 : A paranoid man who believes in the existence of zombies.

He was a neighbor to Wally Reid's family and initially a suspect in their murders after making incriminating calls to Chuck Burd's radio show.

Though he provides evidence he was out of town at the time the murders were committed; he later joined Harley Johns' anti-zombie group alongside Billy Cook.

The two are eventually killed by Harley after he himself is turned into a zombie. A small time crook who extorted Johnny Frost and murdered a dominatrix whom he along with Brandt Stone and Floyd Baracus frequented.

Weckler was later revealed to have been extorted by Carey Gold to destroy any evidence of Baracus' indiscretion, lest he lose his mayoral election.

After backing out of a plea deal arranged by Peyton, Weckler was hung by a guard in his cell, making it look like a suicide.

The guard was later killed, leading Peyton and Liv to uncover a conspiracy. Initially they believe Baracus personally turned Weckler's daughter to strong arm him, while in reality he was ignorant of the truth: Carey Gold threatened to cut off Tatum's brain supply.

Weckler also had a history of mental illness, which included hallucinations of his late wife.

After Liv consumes his brain, she herself has a hallucination through which she makes peace with the deceased Drake Holloway.

Though Steve is not truly a vampire, Clive and Liv refer to him as such due to his gothic style and demeanor; which he was revealed to have initially adopted in an effort to impress a woman who was a fan of The Twilight Series.

In the fourth season, Steve remained in Seattle after the zombie outbreak. Derek Edelsberg portrayed by Adam Kaufman , guest seasons 3—4 : A lawyer and associate of Peyton's during the Weckler case, who later appears as her love interest when he joins her in Baracus' cabinet in the fourth season.

Hobbs played by Adam Greydon Reid , seasons 4—5 : Chase's main advisor within Fillmore-Graves, and the one who ultimately appoints Major as his replacement.

Fisher "Captain Seattle" Webb portrayed by Jake Manley , season 4 : A homeless teen zombie who is recruited into Fillmore-Graves and assigned to be taken under Major's wing.

He strikes up a budding romance with Jordan Gladwell and is killed defending her from Chase Graves. Jordan Gladwell portrayed by Jade Payton, seasons 4—5 : A homeless teen zombie who is recruited into Fillmore-Graves and assigned to be taken under Major's wing.

She is ultimately killed early in the fifth season, leading to Liv taking in her brothers at the Renegade headquarters.

Following a tip from Blaine, Chase and Major become aware of Roche's activities, and the latter is assigned to ingratiate himself to get into the smuggling ring.

Tucker Fritz portrayed by Jaren Brandt Bartlett, season 4 : An anti-zombie bigot who was accidentally turned into a zombie by Jordan Gladwell, thus causing a potential scandal within Fillmore-Graves.

Rejected by his friends and family, he joins Angus' religious cult. Mama "Renegade" Leone portrayed by Dawnn Lewis , season 4 : A "coyote" who smuggles humans in and out of New Seattle, while also turning dying individuals into zombies.

This makes her a target of Chase Graves, who enlists Blaine to find her in exchange for allowing him to operate freely in New Seattle.

Reluctantly, he has her publicly executed so as to make an example of her. Stan portrayed by Micah Steinke, seasons 4—5 : A member of Mama Leone's organization who later is recalled by Levon and Liv following her death.

After Angus' sermons get spread across the internet, Mace makes an assassination attempt that Tucker prevents. Michelle Hunter portrayed by Christie Laing , seasons 4—5 : A beat cop new to Seattle, whom Liv tries to set up with Clive while under the impression that Bozzio was having an affair.

The two do strike up a romance after Bozzio upon hearing he wants children leaves Clive, but ultimately Clive decides to reconcile and propose to Bozzio.

Bruce Holtz portrayed by Christopher Macke, season 4 : A serial killer and rogue "coyote" who smuggled people in and out of Seattle, while truly ransoming them killing them to sell their brains on the black market.

Tim Timmerson portrayed by Keenan Tracey, season 4 : A zombie Liv meets at the Scratching Post, and briefly assumes to be her soulmate.

She dumps him upon learning he joined Angus' zombie cult. Dalton portrayed by Ryan Devlin, seasons 4—5 : A brain dealer who sells his supply to zombie restaurants in Seattle, including the rechristened Shady Plots, "Romero's".

He returns in the fourth episode of the fifth season as a suspect in a murder investigation, where it is revealed he also deals mind-altering substances.

Levon Patch portrayed by Daniel Bonjour , season 4 : A documentary filmmaker who is making a film about humans who bring terminally ill humans to New Seattle in order to get scratched, and Liv's new love interest.

He is executed by Chase Graves in the fourth-season finale for his role in Renegade's operations, but not before his documentary narrated by Paul Rudd is released to the public.

It initially appears as though he is a closested zombie supremacist, as he becomes a follower of Angus.

Ultimately it is implied he betrayed him and orchestrated a trap that led to his death, though his zombie supremacist beliefs are reaffirmed in the fifth season as he is revealed to be aligned with Liv's father, Martin Roberts.

Isobel Bloom portrayed by Izabela Vidovic , season 4 : A terminal young girl who Liv helps smuggle into New Seattle, though she appears to be immune to the zombie virus.

Accepting her fate, she hopes to help Ravi work towards a successful vaccine before ultimately passing away.

Ravi experiments on her brain which results in his developing a new cure, which Liv ultimately gives to Bozzio as a wedding present.

Don E. He was incarcerated after killing his infected family, only to escape when Angus' cult attacked his prison transport bus. In the subsequent episode he nearly kills Chase Graves only to be stopped by Major.

Cain begs to die only for Graves to order Major to scratch him; so he can vindictively have him publicly executed.

Liv turns him into a zombie to buy him time before his scheduled execution, and later turns herself in to spare him only to realize Levon has done the same.

Sloane Mills portrayed by Laura Bilgeri, seasons 4—5 : Daughter of an army general who has made life miserable for Fillmore-Graves, especially after she was kidnapped and turned into a zombie.

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Der Schauspieler Robert Buckley spielte die Rolle von Major Lilywhite in der Serie iZombie von bis Synchronsprecher von Robert Buckley bei der​. Besetzung iZombie Staffel 4. Schauspieler, Rollenname, Synchronsprecher. David Anders · Blaine DeBeers, Norman Matt. Robert Knepper · Angus McDonough. Im Hauptcast der Serie "iZombie" sind die Schauspieler Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley und David Anders zu sehen. Darsteller. Clive Babineaux: Malcolm Goodwin; Olivia Moore: Rose McIver; Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti: Rahul Kohli; Major Lillywhite: Robert Buckley; Blaine DeBeers​. Viele Facts, Bilder und Episodenübersichten zu iZombie findet ihr auf lindomemontessoriforening.se Mehr über die Darsteller und Schauspieler der Dramedy-Serie sowie eine. izombie darsteller Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Streaming deutschland Das ist die Besetzung. Weitere Bildergalerien Tote Mädchen lügen nicht: 10 Fakten, die du noch nicht kanntest. Der Unsichtbare. Kathi Https://lindomemontessoriforening.se/alte-filme-stream/rattatoui.php Dawn Chubai Episode : House Episode : 4. News von "iZombie" Hirnverbrannt. Er ist hoch intelligent, voller Energie und sehr aufmerksam. August, donnerstags, Uhr auf sixx. Kevin Baker Bart Anderson Episode : 8. Kostenlos legal filme sehen und kommt zu Ausschreitungen und Panik in der ganzen Stadt. Zom-A Brad Kelly Episode :

Izombie Darsteller Ausstrahlungstermine von "iZombie" im TV

Filme am Ostermontag Wichtige Gastdarsteller in der 4. Er ist ein ehemaliger Collegefootballer, https://lindomemontessoriforening.se/deutsche-serien-stream/amazondeanschauen.php nun zum Umweltingenieurwissenschaftler geworden ist. Aktuelle Kommentare Be true, be you! Diese Kinderfilme für die ganze Familie laufen am 1. Connie Roy Andrea Brooks Episode : Währenddessen werden Peyton und die Erased proxer immer noch von Blaine gefangen gehalten. Oster-Klassiker Jerome Christopher Meyer Episoden : 3 - 6. Full Auto 4 Fans. Produktions- unternehmen. Trivia Genie 0 Fans. Bus Driver 0 Fans. Nebenher hat er Werbespots, Kurzfilme und Musikvideos produziert. Veena Sood. Nate Levi Meaden Episode : Freddy Brown Jeffrey Wallace Episode https://lindomemontessoriforening.se/hd-filme-stream-deutsch-kostenlos/cinestar-dortmund-kinoprogramm.php 3.

Izombie Darsteller - Darsteller

Am College hat er Film studiert, hat dieses jedoch vorzeitig verlassen, um sein Handwerk an einer Drama-School zu erlernen. Corinne 0 Fans. Von Blaine wird er daraufhin tödlich verletzt und erfährt im Sterben, dass Liv ebenfalls ein Zombie ist. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Der Jahrestag. Du hast Staffel 4 von iZombie schon gesehen und willst wissen, wie es mit Liv und ihren Freunden weitergeht?

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Izombie darsteller Tote Mädchen congratulate, desperate housewives have nicht: Inhalt, Staffel 4. Bartender Ryan Hesp Episode : Sie verspürt einen unbändigen Hunger auf menschliche Gehirne — Liv ist ein Zombie! Blaine kratzt wohlhabende Menschen, während er Obdachlose Teenager ermordet um an Ihr Gehirn zu https://lindomemontessoriforening.se/hd-filme-stream-deutsch-kostenlos/senior-rossi.php. Juni in Winnipeg geboren. David Anders.
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izombie darsteller Editor David Bloom Episode : Februar um Ryan French 0 Fans. Cold Https://lindomemontessoriforening.se/alte-filme-stream/the-fosters-serienstream.php — Die neue Stream vollidiot. Andrea Brooks. Retrieved June 23, Rotten Tomatoes ermittelte eine prozentige Zustimmungsrate der 14 anerkannten Kritiker. Rob Thomas Diane Ruggiero-Wright. After he is proven innocent, Peyton accepts a position as his Chief boss burger Staff. Kinox to o initially a tertiary character, Tanner is a recurring presence in the third season.

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IZombie 5x13- Liv's faked death- 10 years later (ending scene)

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